libnui v3

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Build rich multiplatform applications.

nui’s GUI system is based on 3D rendered dynamic layouts. Build your visual interface as a composition of widgets and behaviors, and then nui does the rest: positioning, resizing, anchoring, texture streching...

Connect objects with synchronous events and delegates for mono-threaded communication, or use asynchronous notifications and message queues for multithreaded applications.

Look and Feel

All the widgets can be dressed with the graphic decoration system (colors, gradients, bitmaps). Using the nui stylesheets, a graphic dressing runtime-system, it’s easy to make your application look good. It's much like web CSS: artists are our friends!

Don’t waste time on low-level system issues.

nui brings you strings (including unicode), paths, files, data streams, fonts, threads, critical sections, audio buffer rendering, and more...


Creating plugins for other applications? nui has been designed to do it from the very beginning. Professional nui based AudioUnits, VST, VSTi, ProTools, MAS, DirectX and Maya plugins have been successfully created over the years.

Not just a new kid on the block.

nui was started on the eve of the 21st century and has always been actively developed since then. It is mature and has a nice track record of successful products. The dev team is working full time with nui, adding exciting new features and fixing bugs.



We extend our thanks to the following companies who permited their engineers to contribute to NUI: